Dojo Name Picker


As I began developing XPages applications for users that were used to using Notes Client applications, a need developed to provide users with a name picker that was similar to what they were used to seeing in the Notes Client. The earliest iterations of this name picker existed before the ExtLib name picker was released. I believe this version provides developers with a little more flexibility than what is available in the ExtLib version. In addition, in my testing on a 40k name address book, performance exceeded that of the ExtLib version.

Key Features

  • Ability to choose People, People and Groups, or just Groups
  • Multi Select via a dual column dialog
  • Single Select via a single column dialog
  • Lazy loading of additional entries when scrolling up or down
  • Only creates one dojo dialog widget no matter how many names fields are needed on a form
  • In Firefox and XPiNC the dialog will also display the associated icon for an entry (IE and Chrome do not support option tag background images)
  • Ability have the name picker execute a function with the selected value(s) being passed to the function as a parameter
  • Ability to specify a partial refresh target on dialog close
  • No dependency on ExtLib
  • Will work on 8.5.3 and above (will probably work on 8.5.2 but this release has not been tested on that version)


The samples below are intended to give a brief overview of the usability and versatility of the Dojo Name Picker.

The address book being used is Jake Howlett'sfakenames.nsf, which contains over 40k entries and demonstrates how well this control performs with a big data set.

Multiple Names:
Firstname Lastname
Refresh Target:
Single Name:
Lastname, Firstname
Refresh Target:
Refresh Target

Where Can I Get It?

The Dojo Name Picker can be downloaded from OpenNTFhere.

Is There a Boostrap Version?

YES! A Bootstrap compatible version will be released soon.